Hi Reader Friend.

It has been a while since I have managed to sit down and create something for Letters from Lauren. The truth is, I’m very tired. So tired that my brain just can’t seem to process anything other than the task right in front of me, which at the moment, is taking care of three very energetic, precious, consuming boys. I’m inundated with being needed at every moment. And when I sit down to write, I hit a brick wall, shut the computer, and eat some more toast lathered in butter and jam.

Do you feel tired?

Which brings me to this newsletter. This newsletter that highlights human rights and social justice issues around the world. How can I, or any of you, even begin to face stories and ideas and injustices when we can hardly think about surviving the day ahead? Should we continue to consider the plight of others when we feel unable to handle our own? Encounter more sadness and carry more grief than we already are?

I can’t answer that question, and I won’t try.

But should you feel strong enough - at some point - to think beyond your four walls, I wanted to give you a few ideas of how you can support those that may be struggling, dare I say, even more than you and I right now.

  1. Choose one issue. If you are feeling overwhelmed by what you could get involved in right now, just single out one injustice you would like to be part of addressing. What do you feel passionate about? Distressed or angered by? Find one thing, and do some reading or watching to find out more about the issue.

  2. Love your neighbour. Who is in front of you right now? A child? An elderly neighbour? A migrant family? A single mother? A nurse? They need your love. How can you love them? How can you sacrifice for them? The most vulnerable people in our society’s aren’t far. Find them, and love them.

  3. Give money. If you have some extra cash laying around, there are organizations that could use your financial support to continue working during the pandemic. You may even participate in a fundraiser that depends on you exercising (a win/win for you and the organization you are supporting). Consider how you could get behind those working for human rights by giving money.

  4. Sign a petition. Amnesty International host petitions that make a difference. Signing your name sends a message to lawmakers. And you can do it from your home. Consider sending an email to those that represent you in government when there is an issue you want to see addressed. Your voice matters and you have the ability to use it for good.

Those are just a few ideas to get you started - to get me started. Maybe you are interested in racial inequality, women’s rights, worker’s rights, human trafficking/modern slavery, child poverty, immigration, prison rights, climate crisis, domestic abuse, technology divide, or homelessness. Find out who is changing the culture on these issues and how you may be able to affect change by getting involved. Get in touch with me if you want to know good places to start.

But if you simply can’t handle more than you are at the moment, I am sending you my love. Go easy on yourself. I won’t be able to post here consistently at the minute. But I am always around for chat, so please get in touch via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or a traditional phone call.

Would love you to subscribe to these letters, even if I’m not writing here frequently. It’s just the little button below. And if have any issues, grassroots campaigns, people, stories, etc that you think I should know about (or you just want to say hi!), please leave a comment!


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